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Esports Tournament Organizers: Legal Matters You Should be Aware of

By Joseph Cheah   When Malaysia implemented lockdown in March last year, we saw a spike in online esports tournaments. This comes as no surprise as more people are stuck at home, and arguably more time on their hands. Putting together an online tournament is also generally ‘easier’ as compared to in-person tournaments, where you[Read More]

Esports players – employee or not?

By Joseph Cheah   The employer-employee relationship is governed by legislations and its contract of employment. It is mandatory that both employer and employee contribute to inter alia the Employees Provident Fund (“EPF”) and the Social Security Organisation (“SOCSO”). An employee who is terminated have a right to bring an action under the Industrial Relations[Read More]

Issues to Consider – Cancelling your Event

By Joseph Cheah   As of to date, the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) have impacted the esports industry negatively – forcing event organisers to cancel their events amidst concerns over health and safety of the community, employees and audience members. Some of the events that have been cancelled or delayed are: TEKKEN World Tour 2020 TwitchCon[Read More]

Sponsorships in Esports

By Joseph Cheah   In 2018, sponsorships have been an integral part to the rising development of the esports industry. It was the biggest year yet where we see several well-known brands entering the esports market through sponsorships (sponsor a team or an event). On that note, it is essential to understand the basic considerations[Read More]

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