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Laws on Franchising 101

By Gan Jer Nynn & Dickson Loo   Introduction How is McDonald’s (“McD”) so successful? While due credit should be given to their iconic crispy fries, their franchising programme also played a vital role in the expansion and development of the McD brand worldwide. In fact, according to McD’s website, its franchising programme is so[Read More]

Non-Fungible Tokens – 3 Legal Considerations

By Joseph Cheah   On 11th March 2021, Mike Winkelmann – a digital artist more popularly known as Beeple, has sold his artwork ‘Everydays – The First 5000 Days’ in an auction for $69.3million. The auction house that sold this artwork, Christie’s, said that this makes him the top three most valuable living artists. What’s[Read More]

Trademark Infringement in Shopee Platform

  Facts: A&M Beauty Wellness Sdn Bhd (“A&M”) is a personal care company and has skincare and beauty products. It sought an injunction against Shopee to force them to remove all products bearing the ‘AM’ brand (until conclusion of a trial).   Decision of the Court: Shopee is not obligated to remove the products. The[Read More]

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